22 Sparkling Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas You’ll Lose Yourself In

Are you still postponing putting the Christmas tree up day after day? Maybe that is because you’ve ran out of new decorating ideas. It gets kinda boring setting it up the same way each year so let us show you a bunch of awesome Christmas tree decorating ideas that you will certainly love.
This year, leave the Christmas gifts under a sparkling, unique Christmas tree that is going to make you stop and adore it for a few moments each time you pass next to it. There’s more to decorating a Christmas tree than just putting up a box full of Christmas ornaments and wrapping a Christmas garland around it.

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Welcome to a new collection of 22 Sparkling Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas You’ll Lose Yourself In. Take a look at the following pictures and you’ll see how a simple arrangement of colors, shapes and materials can give context to your Christmas tree decor. Get inspired by these amazing ideas and follow the links to the tutorials that will show you how to make your own Christmas tree as sparkling as any of the ones we’ve featured. Happy holidays!

1. Citrus Ornaments

2. Camp-Style Christmas

3. Pink and Gold Christmas Tree

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4. Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tree

5. Rustic Marquee Christmas Tree

6. Frosted Sugar Pine Tree

7. Floral Tree

8. 12 Days of Christmas Advent Tree

9. Rainbow Christmas Tree

10. Rustic Theme

11. Birds and Berries

12. Preppy Tree

13. Buffalo Checks

14. Winter Woodland

15. Home Tweet Home

16. Bring the Outdoors In

17. Black and White

18. Royally Red

19. Rustic Reindeer Christmas Tree

20. Scandinavian Style

21. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

22. Merry and Bright

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17 Cool DIY Projects That Turn Old Tires Into Awesome Stuff For Your Patio

Are you looking for a way to decorate your backyard or garden patio without spending a bunch of money in furniture stores? We are going to show you just how to do that by introducing you to a very popular new trend of crafting all kinds of stuff out of old tires.
Stop throwing the tires from last season if they are worn out. Instead of throwing them out like thrash, you can turn them into something useful, or decorative. You can even go as far as creating furniture out of them.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 17 Cool DIY Projects That Turn Old Tires Into Awesome Stuff For Your Patio. 
Check out the projects that we have found for you and you will find many awesome ideas that will show you how to make epic stuff for your outdoor areas. From dog beds to planters and seating, you will certainly find something that you will want to make right away.
You won’t have to worry about figuring out the right way to do this because we have included complete, step-by-step tutorials that will guide you along the way. Happy crafting!

1. Easy DIY Tire Sandbox

2. DIY Hanging Tire Planter

3. DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

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4. DIY Tire Table

5. Outdoor Deck Tire Table

6. DIY Tire Dog Bed

7. Tire Flower Pot

8. DIY Toy Shelves From A Used Tire

9. Hose Roller

10. Colorful Tire Garden

11. DIY Car Tire Seating

12. Gorgeous Tire Planter

13. Tire Raised Garden

14. DIY Tire Wishing Well

15. DIY Toadstools Tyres

16. Modern Twist On Used Tires

17. Tire Totter

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10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

Whether you believe in the near approach of apocalyptic times or not, you have to admit that a more local disaster could strike at any time. But a lot of homes are not equipped to handle natural disasters, accidents, and other events that could mean you run out of food and lose external connections if you aren’t prepared.

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Every household should have a storage space dedicated to addressing such a possibility. Food storage, water, and medical supplies are the top items for adequate home emergency preparedness, but if a real disaster strikes, you’ll want more than just the essentials.

Certain gadgets could make any emergency easier to navigate. Here are ten pieces of essential hardware to add to your home’s emergency storage.

1. Rugged Phone

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

Smartphones are highly convenient when the rest of society is working properly, but they aren’t the best option in a substantial emergency. Their batteries die quickly, and a single drop of foreign liquid might render them totally unusable. It’s smart to invest in a rugged phone that can survive the elements and serve as a more dependable tool for communications in an emergency.

2. Landline or Walkie-Talkies

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

If cell towers stop working during a disaster in your region, it’s vital to have another backup in the form of a landline or walkie-talkies. These are much less likely to be affected by power outages and will empower you to communicate in an emergency.

3. Emergency Crank Radio

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

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You’ll want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the outside world. It’s unlikely you’ll have television service when the power goes down, but you can hear news updates with a crank radio. It’s powered by manually cranking a handle, and radio waves are less affected by major disasters. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on and decide on your next steps to stay safe.

4. Water Purifiers

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

You should always keep a stock of water in case something happens, but if you should run out, a water purifier will be a lifesaver. Top-of-the-line purifiers can purify your own urine, although you probably won’t need something that heavy duty. You just need something that can kill germs and filter out unwanted organisms in freshwater sources such as lakes and rivers.

5. Solar-Charging Plates

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

Much of our world runs on electricity, including our communication devices and entertainment. In a real emergency, entertainment will not a big priority, but you won’t want your cell phone to die. With solar-charging plates, you can harness the power of the sun to power up your battery and make contact with whoever you need to.

6. Alternate Power Space Heaters

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

A lot of power outages are caused by winter storms. If the power goes out in -20 degree weather, you’ll need a way to stay warm. Invest in a quality space heater that’s operated either by gas, battery, or hand crank.

A hand-cranked space heater is preferable, since it doesn’t require anything but a strong arm to operate. It also provides dual benefits, since you’ll stay warmer from having to crank it as well as from the heat it puts out. However, you may desire something that can at least run on batteries or gas while you sleep.

7. Camp Stove

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

Although you could live off cold canned beans during an emergency, it’ll be much more pleasant if you have a way to cook food. A camp stove uses propane, so as long as you have a good stock of propane gas in your emergency preparedness room, you’ll be able to eat a few hot meals during any kind of emergency.

8. Hand-Crank Power Generator

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

A generator for your home is bulky to store and pretty expensive. It’s not feasible for most people to purchase and store one, but you don’t want to be entirely without power if you can help it.

The solution is a hand-crank generator that will produce a small amount of power when you need it most. It won’t power your entire home, but it might allow you a hot shower or enable you to recharge your cell phone.

9. Compact Jump Starters

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

Cold weather can do terrible things to your car, such as drain your battery. You don’t want to be stuck in a dangerous situation without an option to get away. A compact jump starter is easy to store and keep accessible. If your battery isn’t too damaged, a jump starter can get you up and running in no time.

10. Lights

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Home for Emergency Preparedness

It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to take your lights for granted until you don’t have any. Think about getting an emergency light that stays plugged into a power outlet, charged and ready for when the power goes out. It’s bright enough to light the whole room.

You should also have an assortment of flashlights, batteries, lamps, and any other preferred light sources on hand. Each item should go into a designated emergency preparedness space in your home. It should be readily accessible, and easily organized. When an emergency hits, your place will be stocked and ready.

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4 Home Upgrades That Make It More Accessible

If you’re getting older or have a physical disability that restricts mobility, there are ways you can make your home easier to move through. Finding ways to upgrade your property is the key to getting this done with the least amount of difficulty. The good news is, there are many devices on the market that can help you accomplish this goal.  It’s important to make the right choices and listed below are items for you to consider.

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Install a stair lift

One of the best things you can do that will allow you to maneuver easily  around your home may be installing a stair lift. Knowing how to choose a stair lift that will provide you with the most benefits is one thing you should consider.

This device will attach to your staircase and will move up and down while you remain seated. Below is what you should look for when doing a home upgrade with this mobility device:

  1. Size – Choosing the best size to accommodate your living space should be considered. You should take the time to select one that is compact enough for you to maneuver with ease, but also large enough for you to feel comfortable in, as well.
  2. Seat – It’s important to have a seat with the right amount of cushion for you to feel comfortable in a while using this item.
  3. Features – Some stair lifts may offer a variety of features and selecting one that accommodates your needs is ideal.

4 Home Upgrades That Make It More Accessible

Build a ramp

Getting inside your home shouldn’t be a daily challenge. However, if you don’t move as well as you once did or deal with a disability, it can be hard to do.

One way to make entry into your property easier is by building a ramp. This can be done in a variety of ways that include using wood or other materials depending on your budget. Networx states the average cost for installing a ramp in your home is between $3,500-$8,000.

Once you have the ramp installed, you will want to have railing on the sides to assist you when walking inside your home. This will give you something to hold on to and could be helpful in preventing injuries.

4 Home Upgrades That Make It More Accessible

Invest in smart home accessories

Working to make your living space as user-friendly and straightforward as possible may be one thing you want to do. This is sure to help make your life easier and less stressful at any time.

You can accomplish this goal by investing in smart home accessories that work to make to do many things for you. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Voice activated devices – These days you can purchase many items that can tell you most anything you need to know. Are you interested in learning what the weather is but missed the local news? What about the latest sports updates? Investing in the right technological device can enable you to learn all these things with ease.
  2. Smart bulbs – Being able to see well is always one thing you will need to do. Taking time to find bulbs that provide additional light throughout your house is necessary for making your life better.
  3. Security System – The last thing you will want to deal with is the possibility of your home getting broken into during the day or night. Having a security system installed inside and outside your home can be helpful and ease your mind.

Making either minor or major home accessibility upgrades can allow you to have a higher quality of life and enjoy your property more. It’s a very good idea to get started on this task today so you can work to enjoy each day more and increase your mobility when living in your home!

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15 Creative Ways To Display Your House Number With DIY Projects

There are very few small things that you can craft for your porch that can make a huge statement. Yes there are tons of small decorations that you can DIY and display on your porch but how many of them are going to be noticed every time? Not many, right?
But there’s one thing that will always be noticed on your porch or entrance – the house number.
Often missing, this little add-on to your outdoor decor can also help you get discovered by the mailman as well as your friends. When GPS fails, they will always recognize your house by the number that you told them. That is why we want to show you how to make yourself a house number display through DIY projects.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we have featured 15 Creative Ways To Display Your House Number With DIY Projects. We’ve found some amazing ideas that you really should see. These creative ideas are unlike anything that you might find in the stores. Check them out and don’t be afraid to follow the tutorials if you want to create any of these cool projects. They come with complete step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Modern House Number DIY

2. DIY Rustic House Number Sign

3. Address Numbers Post Planter

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4. Mid Century Modern Floating House Numbers

5. Mosaic House Numbers

6. DIY House Numbers Sign From Pallets

7. House Number Plaque From Paint Sticks And Scrap Wood

8. Modern Stainless Steel Home Numbers DIY

9. Flower Box House Number

10. House Number Installed On A Stair Riser

11. Wooden Fish House Number

12. House Number Tiles

13. House Number Door Wreath

14. DIY Simple House Number Sign

15. Elegant House Number

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15 Cool DIY Wine Cork Ideas You’ll Want To Craft Right Away

Wine corks are among the most favorite crafting materials for frequent DIYers because they are very versatile, uncomplicated to work with and most importantly, easy to obtain. But what all can you DIY with wine corks? Well, there’s no short answer to this question other than everything. You can craft some really small accents to large decorative pieces to add to the decor of your home. You can, rework your furniture and customize it with wine corks and you can even craft some functional decor additions. Stick with us and you’ll see.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we have featured 15 Cool DIY Wine Cork Ideas You’ll Want To Craft Right Away. Check out the DIY wine cork projects that we have found and displayed in the collection below and you will be able to get inspired through some really cool DIY ideas. If you think you want to try any of these ideas out, and you will, all you have to do is follow the tutorials that come together with step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Wine Cork Candles

2. DIY Wine Cork Trivet

3. Framed DIY Wine Cork Board

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4. Wine Cork DIY Backsplash

5. DIY Vase From Wine Corks

6. Upcycled Wine Cork DIY Placemat

7. DIY Wine Cork Wreath

8. DIY Candle Holder With Wine Corks

9. Ombre DIY Necklace Organizer

10. Wine Cork DIY Coasters

11. Wine Cork DIY Curtains

12. DIY Wine Cork Dart Board Wall

13. Wine Cork Ampersand Wall Art

14. DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

15. DIY Wine Cork Photo Clip

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Planning a Seamless Move into Your New Home

Moving house can be exciting and arduous all at the same time.

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Statistics from the US Census Bureau taken in 2014 reveal roughly 12 % of the population moves each year. The research was based on the number of people that moved between 2012 and 2013, and the numbers are likely to have gone up since.

If you belong to the group of movers, whether you’re in the middle of the process or just dipping your toes and considering your options, you’re likely to find the tips below useful.

Planning a Seamless Move into Your New Home

Take your time

OK, so the process stressful of selling your old home and choosing a new one is behind you. It’s been hard (it always is), but you did it right, you got the most out of your old home, whether it’s the asking price or that number you had in mind all along, and got a good deal on the new one.

What now?

Well, what lies ahead is perhaps as arduous – it requires just as much thoughtfulness and planning. On top of that, it calls for physical work.

The good news is – you have time and you can relax. We get it that you want to be settled in and get to that point where the new space feels like home, but there rushing things is the no. 1 reason people make mistakes while moving…mistakes that might end up causing weeks or months to correct.

A carefree move should be planned weeks ahead. When inspecting new abodes, take pictures on your phone; they will be useful when mapping out where to put things after the move.

So – take your time and don’t put a negative spin on the process, it makes it so much harder. Relax and enjoy the process of creating your new oasis.

If Possible, Leave a Gap

A few days before handing over the keys to the old place, try to get access to the new residence. While it is not always possible to travel between locations, especially when moving from county to county or across state, there are things that can be done to facilitate the process.

First things first

Connect the internet. You will probably need web searches more than ever during the first weeks of moving in, and yet service providers need as much as three weeks notice to provide a connection.

Surrounded by Empty Space: First Night in a New Home

Chances are you’ll be going back and forth more than a few times; probably even spending night in your new home before you move permanently.

Furniture movers can cause all sorts of hassles – you’ll need a pinch of luck to end up with a company that will honor all the deadlines. Even if your belonging arrives safely, it could be days before all is unpacked.

Packing a box with essentials to take with you such as pajamas, toothbrushes, tea and coffee, towels, and toilet paper can make your move just that little more seamless.

Temporary Sleep Solutions Need Not Be Uncomfortable

Every kid remembers summer camp on an air mattress; low enough to be a yoga mat and deflating half-way through the night.

Technology introduced into air beds has improved their overall comfort. An inflatable bed stands out among portable temporary beds, it’s far superior to any foam or futon sofa, both in terms of comfort and convenience – it’s only a matter of choosing the best air bed for your situation.

Planning a Seamless Move into Your New Home

Think about your space and make sure that the size you’ve chosen is a good fit – most of the best air mattresses come in queen and twin size and are 18-22 high. It’s easy to just get the first one you find online and read positive reviews about, but take a moment to consider the fact that, when all said and done, this might be you the bed that you keep for that empty guest room.

Get the New House Cleaned

While the new residence might look clean, is it up to standard?

Windows are often overlooked, likewise the tops of pantries and cupboards. Carpets will need steam cleaning. Don’t forget the filters on heaters and cooling systems need attention as well. It is easier to clean a home while it is empty.

Planning a Seamless Move into Your New Home

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Pest Inspection

Cleaning a house is also the time to look for mouse dropping and cockroach infestation. Single dwellings in warmer areas will need termite inspections. For complete peace of mind, this job is best left to professionals.

Moving Out: The Plan and Considerations

Do you really need it? Items that have not been used for months or years may never be missed. Likewise old white goods and broken furniture can cost you money in moving and storage. If it is tired and out of date in the old house, chances are it will look worse in the new one. Donate it to charity or throw it out.

Choose the pieces that you’ll move yourself

It’s common, sense but it’s also a common mistake trusting the movers with the fragiles, like mirrors or that expensive mirrored piece of furniture you just got last year and paid a small fortune for.

While you might replace a simple mirror, if any of the fragile pieces have special worth, either objective or sentimental, make a list of things that you won’t let the movers touch. The cost of renting a U-haul is nothing if the alternative is some of your favorite pieces being damaged or broken.

Planning a Seamless Move into Your New Home

Write a checklist of what furniture and items go where in the new location.

Make a complete checklist for the move. It should be as detailed as possible.

Save money and look online for boxes. Many people sell them after unpacking. Big and small boxes are needed, small for heavy items, large for things such as clothes, and bedding.

Label each box with colored tape, a different color for each area for the new location.

Zip lock bags are a must when moving. A lot of furniture requires dismantling and reassembling. Screw drivers, Allen keys, along with scissors and dust clothes should be packed in the one carton. Nuts, bolts, and screws are locked in individual bags with the name of the furniture they belong to labeled in felt pen.

Children and Pets

If at all possible, children should be looked after by family or friends away from the fuss. Pets are particularly stressed when finding themselves in a new location; new territory; new smells; different terrain.

Security – Who Has Keys?

Even though you have the keys to your domain, Realtor agents, cleaning services, friends of former owners, trades-personnel; any number of people could have duplicates of the keys you have. Installing new locks is must for many who really want to make the new house ‘their own’.

Planning a Seamless Move into Your New Home

If it is not practical to fit new locks, door chains may be of some help, though security experts are quick to advice that door chains are not locks and can be defeated.

A simpler idea is a rubber or wooden wedge pushed under the bottom of the door. Depending on the floor surface, a wedge could be the difference of keeping an intruder out.

I-have-to-move vs. I-get-to-move

We know that the circumstances that surround can make it impossible to enjoy it. But, in most cases, you can make a conscious decision about the angle you approach the process.

If the angle is “I-have-to-move” the journey will be filled with frustration, but if the angle you choose is more of a “I-get-to-move” that will shift things. Try to change the gear in your mind to the later approach and the move will be a joy that it should be.

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15 Clever DIY Chicken Wire Rustic Decor Ideas For Your Home

Decorating your home in the farmhouse style is a certain way to make it feel more “homey”. The country decor gives warmth to the home. It makes it feel friendly.
A lot of people have realized that the rustic look of the country decor can be easily be achieved through DIY projects as opposed to buying severely overpriced items from stores. We’ve already shown you quite a lot of DIY country decor ideas for your home but that’s not going to stop us from inspiring you with even more rustic decor ideas, this time, we’re placing DIY chicken wire projects under the spotlight.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you 15 Clever DIY Chicken Wire Rustic Decor Ideas For Your Home. These awesome DIY ideas are a must see if you are a big fan of the farmhouse decor style. They will show you some pretty clever ways to make use of chicken wire as a decor element through the complete step by step tutorials. Happy crafting!

1. DIY Chicken Wire Floral Wall Sconce

2. DIY Farmhouse Message Board

3. DIY Rustic Shelf Decor

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4. Chicken Wire DIY Jewelry Holder

5. DIY Office Memo Board

6. Chicken Wire Backdrop

7. Chicken Wire Pendants

8. DIY Chicken Wire Light Fixture

9. Chicken Wire Plate Stand

10. Chicken Wire Lampshade

11. Chicken Wire Heart Decor

12. Chicken Wire Cabinet

13. Hanging Votive Heart Chicken Wire

14. DIY Chicken Wire Magazine Baskets

15. DIY Chicken Wire Planter Box

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15 Ingenious DIY Dog Bed Designs That You Can Craft For Your Beloved Furball

Is your puppy in need of a new bed? Well, you don’t have to buy one from the pet store. They are way too expensive anyway. Instead, you should use your love for  your dog as an inspiration to build the best DIY dog bed for almost no cost at all.
The creative dog bed ideas that we’ve featured in this collection are an amazing way to upgrade the quality of life for your pup without emptying your wallet. But they are not just a way to save money. These ideas are also great additions to your decor.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we want to show you 15 Ingenious DIY Dog Bed Designs That You Can Craft For Your Beloved Furball. Check out these awesome dog beds that you can easily craft for your best friend. They are perfect for those on a budget but also for those of you who are looking for a unique gift for their little puppy. They come complete with step by step instructions but they can easily be adjusted for any size you need. Enjoy!

1. DIY Sweatshirt Dog Bed

2. DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

3. DIY Dog Bed For Large Breeds

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4. Upcycled Side Table DIY Dog Bed

5. DIY Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

6. DIY Rustic Dog Bed

7. Pant Leg Puppy Bed

8. Minimalist Dog Bed

9. Dog Bed From An End Table

10. Plywood Dog Bed

11. Upcycled Console To Dog Bed

12. DIY Dog Cabinet

13. DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed

14. DIY Mid Century Style Dog Bed

15. Repurposed Crib Dog Bed

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15 Ingenious DIY Ideas To Improve Your Home On A Strict Budget

How long has it been since you last introduced a drastic change in your home? Do you need to do some updates but you aren’t doing well with securing enough funds for a full blown makeover? We all know that home repairs and renovations can get pretty expensive so we decided to show you some things that you can do without having to spend much money.
There are some pretty cool things that you can do on a budget actually. Check out the ideas below and tell us what you think.

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Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you 15 Ingenious DIY Ideas To Improve Your Home On A Strict Budget. The following projects are full of ideas for your entire home. From the living room to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, you’ll be able to find something that you can use. Check them out and if you want to see how to do any of the following projects, just follow the links to their tutorials that have complete, step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Faux Shiplap Backsplash With Peel ‘N Stick Flooring

2. Give Your Old Bathroom Cabinets A Facelift

3. Dresser To Kitchen Island

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4. Make A Pallet Wall

5. DIY Painted Bathroom Tiles

6. $60 DIY Barn Door Hardware

7. Chalkboard Paint Makeover

8. Old Door Upcycle

9. Bathroom Tile Backsplash

10. Paint Your Linoleum Floors

11. $5 Fireplace Makeover

12. Stencil Your Walls

13. Budget Friendly Entryway Reveal

14. House Number From Paint Stirrers

15. Paint Your Stairs

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